Welcome to the Eliud Kipchoge Foundation

As a runner, I know how important breathing is. Breathing to keep you going, breathing to feel alive.

I grew up with a strong sense of togetherness with the people in my village. We were breathing together. We call it “umoja” in Swahili; it means that we are all part of the community and it’s all in the little things we can do every day for our children, friends, neighbors, strangers.

As an athlete, I have the privilege to travel the world and I see that the world is a village. I want the world to breath together. Through education and through environment conservation, I hope to share my experience and my solidarity to those who need it.

Welcome to the Eliud Kipchoge Foundation

“Education and a healthy environment are key factors for development. In a sustainable healthy world, people can breath.”

About the Foundation

My mission is to give all children in the world access to knowledge and education.

I want those children to grow up into healthy adults in a green and breathing world where forests keep our people safe. I hope to contribute and grow the movement in education and environmental protection through my Foundation, to reach the people in the world with my voice. To raise awareness and to raise finances to build libraries, schools, forests. I was lucky in my life to have access to books and knowledge from a young age. It taught me to value life.

Education & Environment

The Eliud Kipchoge foundation focuses on two pillars: education and environment.

Below is explained why our foundation focuses on these two topics. In addition, the main goals have been listed for each part.


I am committed to assisting education programs within Kenya, but education is everywhere in the world and I would like to cross borders.

From my own experience, I saw that most athletes dropped out of school and tried to build a life without education. But with education, it can help you grow and it can help you grow your community alongside you. My dream is for all schools and kindergartens in the world have good libraries. From a very young age, children need to get in contact with books, with learning. This builds a good foundation for children. The library is the place to get information.

Books can inspire. Through books, people can share their experience and knowledge, also to those who do not have access to internet, I was inspired by books. There are a lot of talented people in Africa and around the world, who may get inspired and help to solve problems people are facing in their communities.

My goals:
1. Sponsor school fees and to give more children access to education.
2. Build libraries.
3. Inspire people through the importance of education and the power of books.


Athletes train in the forest. They need the forests, it is good for their health and for good breathing. I want the world to breath well. Without forests, you cannot breath.

As a farmer myself, I know about the importance of a good environment, of trees, of using the land in a sustainable way, so people can grow healthy food and plants, also for the next generations. I believe together we can make dry land green again, which has a huge impact on biodiversity, water availability and healthy food.

You can always start helping, even by adopting trees. I began already with adopting a forest near our training camp to help save it. I want to reach out to help save and grow forests around the world.

My goals:
1. Help to keep forests, to plant trees, to make full use of farms by planting trees and produce good fruit and vegetables.
2. Conserve the environment for the next generation.
3. Help make running become a lifestyle for as many people as possible.


Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge (Kapsisiywa Nandi District Kenya, 1984), is one of the greatest long-distance runners in the world.

He is the current world record holder in the marathon, and he won Gold medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships. His unparalleled career of marathon accomplishments reached a new high when Eliud became the first human in history to run a sub-two-hour marathon as part of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. Aided by team of pacemakers, he recorded a staggering time of 1:59:40 in Vienna.

Eliud grew up on a farm where he worked hard and often cycled from his home to Kapsabet, lugging several gallons of his family’s milk to sell at the local market. He also used to run to school every day, covering the 3km twice a day. Eliud trains under the guidance of coach Patrick Sang at the Global Sports Training Camp in Kaptagat, Kenya. As part of the NN Running Team, he values teamwork and companionship. When he is not training, he enjoys reading and spending time with his family and team members.

“I don’t run with my legs; I run with my heart and my mind.”

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